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Lena Akai

Psychologist - American Clinic Tokyo

Dr. Lena Akai is a Certified Psychologist and Health Coach with over 20 years of
experience providing psychological consulting, coaching, counseling and training.

She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Harvard University (MA, USA) and earned her doctorate in medicine from Showa University School of Medicine (Tokyo, Japan).

With a background in psychology and respiratory physiology, her research has focused on the relationship of breathing and emotions from biological and psychological perspectives. Her interest lies in discovering evidence-based methods to improve breathing that leads to improved mental wellness and has shared these methods both in clinical settings as a coping style for anxiety/stress management and in group seminars for breath training. Her published work includes “Breathing and Emotion” (Coauthor, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York. 2010.) Dr. Akai continues to offer individual and group sessions at the American Clinic Tokyo.

Kai Sakamoto

Music Composer - Arklight Sounds

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Kai Sakamoto is a Japanese music composer from Hawaii, USA. Upon graduating Berklee College of Music, he started his own company, Arklight Sounds, where he composes original music for film and other artists.

Working alongside Dr. Lena Akai, Kai has developed Breathing Music, an original work of music created from both medical and musical research and experimentation. Breathing Music has proven to lower respiratory rates in listeners, and was presented at the 2022 Emotionology Conference in Toyama, Japan. Kai looks to continue studying, experimenting, and connecting with his listeners as he composes more music for the future.

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